You can use the Loyalty Harbor API to:

  • Connect various touchpoints to the loyalty harbor platform using the Touchpoint API
  • Create individual customer frontends with our Customer API

Touchpoint Api Use Cases

Devices connected via the Touchpoint API authenticate against Loyalty Harbor using device specific credentials. No customer login is needed. A Touchpoint can be any device that is involved in an interaction between a business and its customers. Within the scope of Loyalty Harbor it is a point that is able to measure the interaction and reward the contact.

Touchpoints are able to perform the following use cases:

  • Info: Get Customer Data for customer identification*
    This might be usefull whenever information from Loyalty Harbor is neededabout a customer.
  • Earn bonus points for a purchase
    Send a payment amount and Loyalty Harbor is able to reward it.
  • Earn bonus points for individual interactions
    Also individual interactions can be delivered to Loyalty Harbor in order to reward them individually.
  • Burn bonus points using BonusXPress
    BonusXPress is the way to directly redeem earned points during a purchase.
  • Redeem one or more coupons
    Coupons can be individualized or generic. Authorize them at your touchpoint to lower the balance or give a present to the customers.

Customer Api Use Cases